Individual Coaching Tailored to Your Needs

No fine print. No hidden fees. Just your goals and a journey of self discovery. 

My coaching philosophy centers around my clients and their individual needs. Therefore, I do not offer packages with a certain number of sessions. Instead, I create customized coaching plans based on each client’s unique goals. Put simply, my clients decide when to start and when to stop coaching.

Individual coaching helps clients identify and achieve their personal and professional goals. This service will benefit you if you are:

  • Determining whether medicine is right for you
  • Battling burnout
  • Feeling unfulfilled, disillusioned, unhappy, or exhausted
  • Noticing an imbalance in your work-life integration

Coaching centers around the idea of forward movement, so I can also help you achieve your proactive objectives, such as:

  • Working to become a more effective leader
  • Developing emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills
  • Navigating and interacting with people and organizations in the healthcare industry
Rates begin at $200 per session and can occur in person or online. To request more information about our individual coaching or to book your complimentary introductory session, please email me at