Workshops and Presentations

I provide a variety of workshops on burnout prevention, mindfulness, and physician wellbeing. All presentations and workshops are interactive, and they benefit small and large groups alike. Most importantly, each presentation is tailor-made to fit the needs and goals of your organization! 

Flexible for Your Needs

Gone to online education? I have adapted most of my presentations and workshops to virtual formats. 

To discuss the goals of your organization, and organize a workshop, please email me at

Sample Workshops and Presentations

  • Attending to Personal and Professional Wellbeing: This workshop focuses on cultivating self-awareness to encourage healthcare professionals to attend to the different dimensions of wellbeing. 
  • Centering, Cultivating Compassion, and Committing to Person-Centered Care: This one-hour experiential presentation inspires healthcare professionals to deepen their patient-centered interactions through stories of compassionate care.
  • Beyond Burnout Prevention: Strategies to Reconnect Physicians with their Professional Purpose: This presentation focuses on tactics that physicians can use not only to prevent burnout in the workplace, but also to encourage professionals to rediscover their passions within medicine.
  • Healthy Healer Retreat: Mindfulness in Medicine: This longer, retreat-style format helps healthcare professionals employ mindfulness within their practice of medicine.
  • Stress Neutralization: A Workshop to Cultivate Healing: This interactive workshop focuses on accepting the inevitability of stress and implementing stress neutralization strategies in our daily lives.