Dael Waxman, MD

Healing Healthcare So That Healthcare Can Heal

As a physician and educator for over 35 years, I have experienced the joys of practice and teaching medicine but also the mental and emotional distress that can accompany it. This latter reality is unfortunately common in the medical profession; as a result, since 2010, I have focused my attention on promoting well-being and preventing physician burnout. More recently, I decided to enhance my offerings beyond workshops and educational seminars, leading me to complete the Coaching Certificate Training at the Healthcare Coaching Institute in 2018.

In addition to coaching, I continue to practice and teach family medicine, which allows me to remain even more connected to my clients’ realities. I am also experienced in physician leadership, mind/body medicine, and mindfulness-based stress reduction. I combine all of these experiences, practices, and framings to help medical professionals evaluate their goals, reconnect with their passions in healthcare, and achieve their personal and professional objectives.